The Lake Village Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression, fire prevention, fire investigation, fire hydrant maintenance, building maintenance and inspections. The department maintains three fire trucks and a rescue truck.

The department consist of 20 volunteer fire fighters which meet every Tuesday for training. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter should contact Acting Chief Arthur Lee .

Presently, the City of Lake Village maintains two fire stations. Fire Station #1 is located on Jackson Street between City Hall and the Lake Village Police Department. The newly constructed Fire Station #2 is located on Hwy 65&82 South. A community meeting room is available for public meetings and hearings.


Fire Prevention Tips:

THE 3 “P’s”

Protection, Planning and Practice

Approximately 80% of all United States fire deaths occur in the home. Every year fire kills approximately six thousand Americans. Ensure the safety of your family by following Lake Village’s 3 P’s Program: Protection, Planning and Practice.